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Save Overlea’s Trees - Did you know that English Ivy kills trees?

Part of Overlea’s charm, along with its historic homes, is the number of well-established trees we have. But many of them are threatened by English Ivy, a non-native plant that quickly takes over gardens, fences, and walls—and it climbs trees, smothering them and eventually killing them. (It will also damage your home, if you allow it to climb.)

If you have a tree covered in ivy, you can save it! Cut into the ivy stems until you reach the trunk, being careful not to damage the tree’s bark. Cut in two spots, one about 12 inches above the other, and remove the cut section. Do this all around the tree to clear a “window” in the ivy’s growth. Then uproot the plant to remove it from the ground. (The ivy still on the tree can be left to die in place.)

To protect Overlea’s trees—which increase property values, provide shade in summer, and make our neighborhood beautiful and livable—we can all start by removing English Ivy.

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