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leaf on tree

Keeping Overlea Green

Planting Trees, Removing Invasives

Our neighborhood has numerous historic trees, but as they age, many have been cut down. Plus, older trees often struggle with invasive vines that weaken them and make damage more likely in bad weather.

The Value of Trees

Trees increase the value of our homes, provide significant cooling in summer, offer countless environmental benefits, and improve Overlea’s appearance. To maintain the healthy tree cover that has long distinguished Overlea, we need to protect the trees we have and replace the ones that have been taken down.

“The Overlea Community Association (OCA) is launching two initiatives to protect our community’s diminishing tree canopy.”


Initiative #1 – 100 New Trees

The OCA has a goal of planting 100 trees in our neighborhood in the next year. We need your help!

The OCA is working on organizing free or significantly discounted Maryland-native trees for
Overlea residents. The OCA is happy to help neighbors plant new trees, as well.

If you’re interested in participating, please submit the form below!*

Initiative #2 – Removing Invasives

The OCA is addressing the harmful invasive vines that are damaging Overlea’s trees. All hands on deck! English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle threaten mature trees by weighing them down. The increased weight can create a hazard for nearby structures in inclement weather because it contributes to limb breakage and tree collapse.

If you’d like to help, please submit the form below!*

Yes — I want to keep Overlea green!

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    * Note that filling out this form does not guarantee a tree. The goal of collecting this info is to demonstrate our residents' interest and help the OCA apply for grants and greening programs to maintain our neighborhood’s tree cover.

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