Overlea is a unique Baltimore community. We’re part city and part county. We have suburbs and storefronts. We’re a mixture of cultures and professions. Our rich history includes several family businesses that have operated here for over 100 years, and houses dating back to the turn of the century.

We have an active community association that holds meetings several times a year, which are open for everyone to attend. The community association board consists of a small group of neighbors who love our community and give a little extra time to organize activities and advocate for the improvement of our neighborhood. To learn more about our community organization or volunteer opportunities, contact board president Caitlin Ceryes at president@overleaonline.org Come visit Overlea to see why we think “Overlea Rocks!” And connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and NextDoor. St. Michael's photo © Brett Robinson/Eyez of the World Photography

Overlea Farmers Market

The Overlea Farmers Market runs from June through mid-October at the parking lot of the Natural History Society.

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Overlea ArtsFest

Overlea ArtsFest takes place in June every year, featuring artists and performers from all over the Baltimore area.

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Christmas Tree Lighting

Our annual community celebration complete with eggnog and mittens.

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Black Lives Matter

The Overlea Community Association stands with the Black community in Baltimore and nationwide. We stand against police brutality. We want all of our neighbors to know we are listening, we are here, and Black Lives Matter.

Overlea is a diverse community, and the Overlea Community Association strives to ensure all Overlea residents feel valued and included. We have work to do. This work starts with better reflecting the richness and diversity of our community in the OCA leadership and membership, and amplifying the voices of our marginalized neighbors. Our community’s unique position, spanning both sides of the Baltimore City/County line, means we can work toward change on many levels. 

 Recognizing our country and our community’s racist history, we have committed to better educate ourselves and our community in order to actively practice anti-racism. We commit to highlighting Black-owned businesses in community discussions, at our events, and on social media. We want and need the opinions of Black and Brown community members about OCA activities and actions; we commit to creating meeting spaces that welcome Black and Brown neighbors’ voices at board meetings, general meetings, and in our daily communications. We commit to actively consulting Black and Brown community leaders, and centralizing Black and Brown voices in important discussions about community identity, advocacy, and planning. If accessibility is making it difficult for you to attend OCA meetings, we are ready to help.

We also ask our current OCA membership to join us in committing to work against racism, and to create a community association that truly welcomes and represents our entire community.

Want to learn more about the current BLM movement and its historic context?
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