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Zoning Notifications in Overlea 🚧

The Overlea Community Association is following developments related to zoning changes being considered for our neighborhood. After our recent experience fending off major development at Fullerton and Belair. We are actively fighting the push to add more gas pumps and the traffic and congestion and pollution that comes with them. Councilman Mike Ertel will have the final word on deciding on zoning changes, including the inclusion or exclusion of AS codes which clear the way for gas station construction. We encourage neighbors to contact Councilman Ertel to weigh in on the posted changes to zoning.
The MDOT development proposals for Belair Road are exciting. Coupled with facade improvement grants for local businesses, funding for the Maryland Natural History Society, and construction at Holt Park for the Arts are uniting to lay the groundwork for a real renaissance along the Belair Road corridor. Let Mike Ertel know that gas stations have no place in this vision for the future. email:

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