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OCA Meeting to Request Zoning Improvements

In February, OCA board members met with 6th District County Councilman Mike Ertel to discuss neighborhood priorities. Every four years our representatives can recommend zoning changes through a process referred to as CZMP. (To learn more about CZMP, go to the Baltimore County Website at www.baltimorecountymd gov and enter CZMP 2024 in the search bar.)

The OCA recommended the submission of these changes:

  • The expedited demolition of the burned property at the corner of Elm Ave. and Belair Rd.
  • The OCA has successfully fought to keep a large gas station from occupying the corner of Fullerton Ave. and pushed for the AS designation be removed from several properties to prevent future gas pump construction in our neighborhood.
  • We requested the installation of curb cuts, gutters, and handicap ramps throughout the neighborhood, as well as road repaving. After water, utilities, and BGE gas line work, many streets in our area are torn up and half-patched. We shared photographs with Mr. Ertel, and he agreed to push the issue with the County Executive. Maintaining our roads is vital for our residents and businesses. Home ownership in Overlea is on the rise with new families accounting for the majority of recent home purchases.
  • The OCA requested legislation to limit live music in Commercial Revitalization Districts (CRD) to end at 9pm. Additionally, we requested that any venue offering live music provide off street parking and 30 days advance written notice to local community associations.
  • Baltimore County and the State of Maryland are also considering requests for a playground at the Fullerton Community Center and public electric vehicle charging stations at Willow Ave. and Belair Rd. OCA members will receive updates on these issues in our emailed Community Bulletin updates. Join today.

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