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New Street Trees 🌳

Overlea Received New Street Trees!

During the week of April 2nd, Baltimore Tree Trust (, working within the TreeBaltimore ( network, came out (in the pouring rain) to plant new trees. TreeBaltimore is an umbrella of tree minded organizations that strives to increase the urban tree canopy. As a mayoral initiative, it is led by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks in tandem with Baltimore City Forestry Division. The Baltimore Tree Trust is guided by a single mission of giving all neighborhoods access to the benefits provided by good water and air quality. They have moved from focusing on the Harris Creek watershed to connecting Baltimore’s tree canopy. Which is what brings us to our corner of Baltimore City.

Walnut, Chesley, and Overlea Avenues received 7 foot tall American Beech, Bald Cypress, or Red Buckeye trees, planted in the empty spots where majestic Canadian and Silver Maple used to stand 20 years ago. Research has shown that the addition of trees will increase property value, lower heat temperatures on road and building surfaces in the summer, filter air pollutants, and provide habitat for birds 🐣. Baltimore Tree Trust will care for trees for the first two years after planting, which includes routine watering. However, if Maryland is experiencing a severe drought or you notice browning/wilting/curling leaves or premature fall coloring, this may be an indication that your tree is stressed. You can help a nearby tree by watering it yourself.

For more info, visit You can also contact the Baltimore Tree Trust at 410-861-0784 or email:

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