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Honoring An Overlea Pioneer

How and Where?

For many years, the OCA has been seeking an historical marker to honor an original land owner in Overlea. Margaret Fuller was a widow who moved to Baltimore from Ohio with her six children in 1858. She bought a 43 acre tract of land called Sophie’s Garden Regulated. Fullerton Avenue and Fuller Avenue are evidence of the family’s influence in the development of Overlea.

The OCA research was focused on the lot at the intersection of Belair Road and Taylor Avenue, believing this was the location of the original log cabin that Mrs. Fuller and her children inhabited. After reading countless deeds and maps, the OCA could not confirm she lived at this specific location. So they sought the help of the Baltimore County Preservation Services. After reviewing the information and maps, they assured the OCA that it had the right historical information, but the wrong location. Margaret Fuller and Sophie’s Garden Regulated were on the east side of Belair Road, not the west side, as was originally thought. A good approximation of her original homestead is the Fullerton Community Center. The OCA looks forward to working with Baltimore County to have Margaret Fuller honored with an historical marker at the Fullerton Community Center.

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