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Community Improvement Updates

Properties Needing Attention

The OCA is aware of several abandoned properties within our neighborhood, including the building destroyed by fire at 7201 Belair Road. We continue to stay in contact with both code enforcement and building inspections in Baltimore County to ensure this building is being monitored and will be moving forward for demolition. Unfortunately, this process is slow and leaves the community with an unsightly and unsafe structure to contend with.

How You Can Help

If you see a house on your street that is abandoned and needs code enforcement, please call them at 410-887-3551 or use the #BaltCoGO app right on your phone. Easily report items such as overgrown grass, trash, and more. For city properties, call 311 to report issues.

If you see anyone attempting to break into an abandoned property, please call the police. It is crucial that as a neighborhood we keep any eye out for these empty properties that become an eyesore for the community and a target for graffiti and illegal activity.

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