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It’s the LAST Farmer’s Market this Saturday! 8:30a – 12p

overlea mural painted by local artist Kimberly King

Community Commitment

Neighbors Making A Difference

Jean was raised on Fuller Avenue and lived there until she was 26. Paul and Jean married in 1966- 55 years now. They moved into a lovely house on Taylor Avenue, just around the corner from where Jean grew up. Overlea has been their home since 1972.

They raised three sons in Overlea, one who now lives in the house Jean was raised in, raising his three children close by his parents. Their other two sons live in Idaho and they love going to visit the families there during the summer. They have nine grandchildren in total.

Jean and Paul walk in Overlea several times a week on their street and streets nearby. When they do, they make it count! They always have bags in hand for picking up litter as they go. They are committed to keeping their corner of Overlea neat and tidy. Jean had this to say about their efforts, “We want to make a difference on God’s earth and it is a blessing and privilege to do this.” She also added, ”Bending is good for us!”

Jean and Paul hope others in the community, especially on the streets they walk, will be inspired by their efforts. You too can make a difference! Show your pride by taking a small bag with you while walking in the neighborhood and do your part to keep Overlea clean.

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