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Casper G. Sippel Electric Casper G. Sippel Electric

Community Commitment - Sippel Electric

An Enduring Friend to the Overlea Community

Casper G. Sippel Inc. has been an Overlea institution since 1923. Casper started his business, with his wife Christina at his side, almost 100 years ago. Still located at 7408 Belair Road it is now a three-generation family business in our neighborhood, and soon to be a fourth-generation!

They are not only a much respected electrical company but also have a long history of generosity. Sippel Electric has donated the spotlights and the 50 foot tree lights installation for the annual OCA tree lighting event since it started in 2014. They installed all of the electrical work needed to bring electricity to the tree- and included a switch to turn the lights on! Their generosity of ensuring our tree is lit has helped this event thrive. The lighted tree and event have become a much loved holiday tradition and the extended community remains grateful for Sippel’s continued kind and helpful donation.

At the Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) located at our western boundary since 1907, a road is named Sippel Lane in honor of all that the Sippel family has contributed to the school. Casper funded the much needed indoor aqua therapy pool for the students, built in 1977. It is heated and built so blind and physically challenged children can simply walk into it with no barriers. The pool building can be seen along Taylor Avenue and is named the Casper G. Sippel building in his honor. Casper and Christina served on their board for many years.

Casper and Christina lived at 4122 Taylor Avenue until 1989. Some of you may remember the beautiful lit fountain garden they installed next to their home many years ago. It was quite spectacular in its day and folks from all over loved to drive by in the evenings to see the show. Different colored lights would illuminate the fountains as they went on and off and often the water display was quite high. It was beautiful and Overlea residents loved having such a wonderful garden in their neighborhood.

John E. Sippel Sr., son of Casper and Christina, passed away on January 29th. John, an active community member, also sat on the board of the MSB and was a lifetime member. He was also a member of the Overlea Lions Club and the Overlea Fullerton Business Association. John was a devoted community member, business man, much loved by his family and is greatly missed.

Casper G. Sippel Electric Inc. now has 30 employees, and will soon celebrate 100 years of serving the community with superior service. They continue to be generous to institutions in the spirit that Casper created, as they usher in a fourth generation to the business. Thank you to the Sippel family for their contributions and care, all these years by giving back to the Overlea Community.

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