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BGE Updates (Fall 2023)

Gas Lines and Meters

BGE contractors have been installing new gas lines and meters in Overlea, east of Belair Road. Members of the OCA have been working with BGE and Baltimore County to limit the impacts of this work on our neighborhood and neighbors. The work is scheduled to be completed the end of July but may still be ongoing due to delays and weather. The work involves replacing the main lines in the road and replacing the old meters with new smart exterior meters. If the contractors have not stopped by your home yet, here is a summary of how the process should go.

The Update Process

BGE will replace the line in the road and may have traffic restricted or blocked with limited parking for a few days. If they are working on your street, they are required to provide you with safe access to your home or driveway at your request within a few minutes. There should be signs to notify you at least 48 hours in advance and for no longer than one week. Once that is done, another crew representative will stop by your home to schedule a meter replacement. At this time you can request where it’s located on the outside of your home with some restrictions. You can also decide not to have it done at all if you prefer. The contractors are required to repair the road and your property before they are finished. When the work is completed, the paving crew will patch the trenches with asphalt and repave the roads (either 1/2 or completely, depending on how much was impacted by the work).

Have Questions or Concerns?

If you find that the road conditions or other items related to the work are not going as expected, feel free to email the OCA and we can put you in contact with the appropriate person to address your concerns.

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