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7-11 Fall 2022 Update

UPDATE: 08/26/22

The OCA board has learned that 7-11 and the developer behind the 7-11 gas station and convenience store proposed for the corner of Belair Rd. and Fullerton Ave. have decided NOT to appeal the administrative ruling that denied all the requested special exceptions.

As far as we are aware, the project will not move forward.

THANK YOU to all the Overlea and Linover residents who shared their concerns and testimony, whether written or in person. Your involvement is crucial as together we advocate for sustainable development and improvements in our community.



The Pittsburgh-based developer Pentek has proposed a large 7-11 fuel station, convenience store, and fast food restaurant on the properties at 7403-7407 Belair Rd., the intersection with Fullerton Ave.

The Overlea Community Association does not support this 7-11 or the developer’s requests for zoning variances. We have serious concerns about the safety and traffic impacts of such a large store at this failing intersection, which we expressed to the developer and in testimony for the zoning hearing.

The developer requested special exceptions to zoning law for this project at a hearing on 6/13/2022. All requests were denied in a decision issued 6/24/2022 (case number 2021-0269-SPHXA). The developer has 30 days to appeal.

The OCA encourages all community members to help continue our fight for sustainable, beneficial development in Overlea. If you are interested in a “STOP 7-11” yard sign, it comes free with your $25 good neighbor OCA membership. These dues help us keep our neighborhood programs running and make Overlea an even better place to live.

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