General Information

Boegner's PorchOverlea Community Association General Meetings

All are invited to attend our community meetings, and all Overlea residents are encouraged to come meet their neighbors and find out what’s happening in their community. OCA Membership dues for the current year may be paid at any meeting.

Upcoming Dates: (usually 2nd Tuesday of the month, 3 times/year)
Time: All meetings begin at 7:00 PM and run til approximately 8:30 PM

Place: Meetings are held at the Natural History Society of Maryland, at 6908 Belair Road, on the corner of Belair Road and Chesley Avenue. Plenty of free parking is available.

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Who is the Overlea Community Association?

We’re a group of neighbors who love our community, and who give a little extra time to organize activities and advocate for the improvement of our neighborhood. The Overlea Community Association Board meets monthly, except for July and August. To attend a board meeting or to learn more about how you can help Overlea through our OCA volunteer opportunities, contact Caitlin Ceryes at

Our Mission:

We seek to mobilize our citizens and cultivate a thriving, growing community by:

  • Increasing neighborhood awareness
  • Empowering residents to make a positive impact, and
  • Preserving Overlea’s charm.

What do we do?

The OCA organizes community events, manages the
community website and Facebook page, publishes the quarterly newsletter and coordinates the forces of residents, businesses and our local government representatives to make Overlea the best little neighborhood in Baltimore.

Are you a new resident or business?

If you are new to the neighborhood, or have just opened a business here, please let us know so we can welcome you! We can help connect you with our community newsletter, social media, NextDoor networking site, and our community meetings and events. Contact Johanna Miller at jlkraft@gmail.comfor more information. We’d love to get to know you!

Overlea Citizens on Patrol Program:

Overlea has an active and growing Citizens on Patrol program that works in conjunction with local police to help keep our neighborhood safe. Our OCOP program is organized by resident Doris Poling, and trainings are held several times per year for new volunteer teams. You might be a good candidate for our OCOP team if you:

  • work from home or are at home during the day
  • are a dog walker
  • are a jogger or walker
  • are interested in getting to know your neighbors better (always a good idea!)
  • want to help improve your community

Contact Doris Poling at for more information.

Ready to become a member?

Go to the Association Membership tab to join our organization and pay your dues using PayPal. Or print out your membership form and mail your membership fee to: Overlea Community Association, P.O. Box 18895, Raspeburg, MD 21206.

Our Board of Directors:


Melissa Davis – President, Christmas Tree Lighting Organizer

Brent Ceryes, Vice President, Legal Advisor

Joseph Mertes – Treasurer

Doris Poling – OCOP Organizer

Carol Stover – Marketing Coordinator, Overlea ArtsFest Board President

Martin Nibali – Website Manager, Newsletter Coordinator

Rebecca Loumiotis – Secretary

Johanna Miller – Welcome Coordinator

Jessica Loveless – Board Member

John Miller – Board Member 

Cory Scott – Board Member

John Miller –Board Member 

Community Volunteers


Kim King – Newsletter design, community mural painter, graphic design support

Rieman Jenkins – Newsletter Distributor

Gail Pelovitz – Farmers Market volunteer

Olivia Kahler – Farmers Market volunteer

Katie Kahler – Farmers Market volunteer

Patrick Nibali – Farmers Market volunteers here


Newsletter Carriers Jean Bender, Marge Bowles, Moses Chestnut, Kate Drescher, Kathy Fernandez, Millie Franz-Cox, Chris and Nicole Hood, Kim King, Christi and Mark Lorenzo, Marie Macek, Chris Pedros, Curt Phillips, Sue Porembski, Norma Secoura, Christine Smith, Steve Stout, Carol Stover, Elizabeth Thater, Susan Wachter, Jenie Walter, Pat Williams, Karyn Wilmer, Chris Woodson

Overlea Info and Statistics: How big is Overlea? Overlea encompasses approximately 3 square miles, and contains about 1,200 households. To see a map of the Overlea area, go to: For more info on Overlea, click here. Click here for information on The Four Sections and All Streets of Original Overlea

Non-Discrimination Policy
The Overlea Community Association (“OCA”) does not discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, religious background, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, income, land ownership, handicap (s), age (provided that the candidate is at least as old as the minimum age of membership), political affiliation or other legally protected characteristic. The OCA strongly encourages diversity and promotes equal opportunity on the OCA Board, Committees, and in all activities.