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Fossil Frenzy at Natural History Society of Maryland!

Fossil Frenzy!
Sunday October 20th, 2013
National Fossil Day Celebration at the Natural History Society of Maryland, 6908 Belair Road. Baltimore Maryland 21206. Amazing fossil displays, family activities, silent auction of fossils. Free Admission!
The Natural History Society of Maryland has an extensive collection of plants, animals, fossils and minerals, dating back to the early 1800s. This is the central repository for past, present and future collections of specimens and artifacts important to Maryland’s natural history.
Observations over time are the only way to interpret what has happened before and predict how nature will change in the future. The Natural History Society is the steward of Maryland’s natural history.
The Natural History Society of Maryland is preserving our states’s natural treasures and training naturalists of all ages.  To see all of the programs go to

Second Mural Completed in Overlea!

It started with a vision to highlight the historic background of Overlea’s bus turn-around. Overlea was the end of the line for the #15 streetcar which was discontinued in 1963 when all of the streetcars in Baltimore were removed from service. With volunteers under the leadership, and artistic skill of Overlea resident and artist Kim King, the mural was successfully installed. This mural, located in the 6800 block of Belair Road is of an old time streetcar and is located next to the historic and renovated streetcar building. It is the second in a series of murals that are being painted in the community of Overlea. Community volunteers Steve Stout, Chris Maex and Billy Crenshaw provided many hours of painting assistance, State Senator Kathy Klausmeier provided the much needed and appreciated assistance with the state and MTA negotiations, and Tom Layden of Home Depot Parkville assisted with a donation of all the paint and necessary materials. Many thanks to all who made this beautiful mural a successful reality.

See progression photos below.