Here Come the Benders!

Paul and Jean, residents of Overlea for 39 years, are doing their part to keep Overlea neat and tidy.  Everyday during their walk they take along a bag just in case they spot some bits of trash along the way.  This daily habit has been going on now for several years. This spunky couple also incorporates their walks into the delivery of  the community newsletter-they each have their own routes!  Jean, who grew up in Overlea just one street away from the house now owned by her son Mark, wife and three sons, has this to say about her contribution to the neighborhood, “I do it because it is our neighborhood. I really don’t like litter. However, the deeper reason is that God has given us a beautiful world and has provided us with everything we need to live well and I believe we have a responsibility to care for it.” Paul and Jean are just one shining example of Overlea citizens doing their part to keeping Overlea the great little hometown it is.