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Loons, Finches and Owls-Oh My! The Birds of Overlea.

Loons, Finches and Owls-Oh My! The Birds of Overlea are back. Time to break out the feeders. 

We asked experts from the Natural History Societyof Maryland what feathered visitors our neighborhood could expect to arrive next.  Some are just passing through, while others will be staying the summer or year round.  We put together a list of twelve birds you’re most likely to see in Overlea now.  Click the link below to get more details about any of them. 

  1. Red Throated Loon
  2. Purple Finch
  3. Great Blue Heron
  4. Nuthatch
  5. Golden Crowned Kinglet
  6. Short-eared Owl
  7. Snow Goose
  8. Red Tailed Hawk
  9. Eastern Phoebe
  10. Bald Eagle
  11. Peregrine Falcon
  12. Double Crested Cormorant

For a colorful show in your yard, put your feeders out now and keep them stocked through the fall.  Just remember that bird seed has and expiration date.  The oil inside the seeds can get rancid if kept for too long.  Keep your bird-feeders clean so that the birds have a healthy place to stop and eat.  

Finally, If you offer just one feeder and one type of seed, make it a tube feeder with sunflower seeds.  You’ll attract chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches, finches and more.   Happy Birding.