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Overlea Home Honored as a Centennial Home

On Saturday November 6, 2010 the Rist home on Everall Avenue in Overlea was recognized as a Centennial Home.
The Baltimore Heritage Inc. honored the Rist family and home with the presentation of a plaque in recognition of the home being owned and occupied by the same family for over 100 years. The Rist’s have been in their home for 105 years.
Mrs. Norma Rist gladly accepted the plaque which is now mounted on her house. While accepting it she commented that her “in-laws must be smiling down from heaven right now.”
Her children, grand and great grandchildren as well as neighbors were there to celebrate with her.
The Rist home is an example of the legacy shared in the Overlea community by the generations of families who still chose to call it home.
Mrs. Rist adds grace and character that contributes to the beauty of Overlea.
The Baltimore Centennial Homes project, developed in collaboration between Baltimore Heritage and City Councilman James Kraft, recognizes families that have been in the same house for 100 years or more. These families have anchored Baltimore’s historic blocks and neighborhoods through good and
bad times. Their stories show the changes that our communities and our city have experienced as well as the critical roles that neighborhoods and their families have played in keeping historic neighborhoods thriving. The
Centennial Homes program has received generous support from the Maryland Humanities Council and the Middendorf Foundation. Has your family or a family you know lived in the same house for over 100 years? If so, Baltimore Heritage would love to hear from you. For more information feel free to call them at 410-332-9992.