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Overlea Soldier Serves His Country and His Neighborhood

Joe Robinson grew up in Overlea, has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has now come home to serve Northeast Baltimore County as a police officer.   He shared his story with the Overlea Community Association at the general meeting on Tuesday, April 13th.

The Robinson family has long history in the Overlea area.   Joe’s parents Dennis Robinson, also a retired Baltimore County police officer, and his wife Barbara Robinson have lived in Overlea for over 35 years; but also grew up in the area.  They raised all five of their children on Everall Avenue and now they all live within 15 minutes of each other.  Two of the children, including Joe, have stayed in Overlea and are raising their own families here.   

Joe served his first tour in Afghanistan from May 2003 to May 2004, where he met his wife – Anastasia.  Dennis described his first introduction to her as a blonde blur on the computer screen (they were talking through web cam) and hearing her say, “Hi Mr. Robinson, I’m your future daughter-in-law.”  It turns out she was.  They returned, married and then Joe was deployed again to Iraq.  Their daughter was born while he was deployed.  He could not come home for the birth.   Dennis described the emotional day,  “We did one of those web cam family gatherings right after she was born. It was a pretty memorable moment… even the doctor cried.”

After returning to home, Joe and his wife both serve the area as police officers.  Joe is an officer at Precinct 9 – Whitemarsh (which covers a large portion of Overlea) and his wife is a police officer in Precinct 1 on the southwest side of the county.   We are grateful to them for their service to our country and our neighborhood. 

Overlea Pub Crawl and a Tee That Tells the World “This Neighborhood Rocks!”

Overlea’s best wateringholes will play host to area residents and visitors from all over Baltimore as they tour Overlea taverns.   To participate just show up at John’s Elmwood Tavern at 4p.m. on May 8th.  

To really join the fun send $15 to the Overlea Community Association at P.O. Box 18895, Baltimore, MD 21206 to get your rockin’ Tshirt.  Party goers wearing the shirt will receive specials at all bars.  See details below along with the tour schedule.

4 p.m.  John’s Elmwood Tavern / 4423 Kenwood Avenue:
All domestics, rails and drafts $1.75,  Appetizers half price

(All other times are approximate and depend on how much fun we’re having at each bar.)

5:30 p.m.  Ohara’s Irish Pub / Belair & Kenood Ave:
Domestic Drafts $1.00, $.40 Wings

7:00 p.m.  Buck Fowlers / Belair Road at Fleetwood:
$1.25 Domestic Drafts

8:00 p.m.  Overlea Station / Belair Road at Overlea Ave:
$1.00 Domestics, $2.00 Rails, $3.00 Imports – Including Resurrection!

Click here to find out more about the bars.  If you can’t join the fun, but still want a shirt – Send in your $15 and how to reach you and we’ll make sure you get your shirt.   Cheers!